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This website is maintained by Mike Beigel, the inventor of the original Mu-Tron™ III,

and a founderof Musitronics Corp. which produced the original Mu-Tron products.

For more information on the original products and company, see the article
Mu-Tron Musitronics from Stompbox.
Also available is Tom Hughes's book: "Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects"
which contains sections on Musitronics products.

     Take a look at the US patents: (click to enlarge)


                        SYSTEM PATENT                       DESIGN PATENT                    Early Mu-Tron III advertisement.

                                                                                                                           Endorsement by Stevie Wonder. 1973.

If you want the original sound and circuitry of the Mu-Tron III, please buy either a used vintage original Mu-Tron III (and NOT the so-called "Mu-Tron III plus" Please) or better yet,

my own authentic circuit reproduction products:

The Q-Tron or Q-Tron+ by Electro-Harmonix

And please watch for announcement of a COMPLETELY NEW product based on the ORIGINAL Mu-Tron III, updated with features that surpass all my previous

"Mu-" product designs,and to be sold by



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Musitronics Mu Tron 

Vintage Mu-Tron Products : The Inventors Collection!

Original prototypes and personal samples by Mike Beigel. All units are originals from my personal collection, none of which are second-hand, and all are calibrated. Pre-production prototypes and one-of-a-kind lab specimens are also in the collection. Also included is a substantial amount of documentation both on the company and the products.

    The collection is not for sale, but some item may be rented for short-time studio use, or by museums for temporary display

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The Original Musitronics Mu-Tron Product Line

the inventors collection includes many other items.

Additionally, we still have a few original Musitronics units for sale:

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And Others Articles by Mike Beigel about musical signal Processing

Check out these five articles linked from www.beigeltech.com

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The Stomping Ground: Musictronics, Mu-Tron, and the Gizmotron

{short description of image}
Move Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Phasors

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The Envelope Controlled Filter

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{short description of image}
Mu-Tron Musictronics

Jerry Garcia's Rig : An interactive page featuring Jerry Garcia's rig. Mouse overs display the different equipment.A photo of his 90's rack can be viewed here

of all the guestion we receive at MU_TRON.ORG,

The most frequestion is!: "How Can I Get Jerry's Sound?"

my usual answer is: "You would have to ask Jerry :-)"

Mu-Tron.org Product Links

Here are some of the many websites of relevance to the Mu-Tron and other Musitronics products. Harmony Central has a selection of users reviews of the Mu-Tron III, as well as reviews for

other Musitronics products.

Article: The Technology of Auto-Wahs / Envelope-Controlled Filters (PDF)
If you're the author, please contact us so that we can give you appropriate credit.

Another interesting site is DiscoFreq's Envelope Filter Site, which features information about a variety of envelope control filters, including many original Mu-Tron products as well as new Electro-Harmonix devices.

Wikipedia has a writeup on Mu-Tron: Mu-Tron Wikipedia

Mike Beigel's Websites:
Musitronics - brief summary of the full musitronics product line.
Beigel Sound Lab - information on the Beigel Sound Lab product.
Penguin Pix - personal collection of high resolution penguin photography.
Beigel Technology Corporation - current business and projects.

Looking for the modern equivalent to the Mu-Tron?
A brief Mu-Tron history lesson..

Mu-Tron III

The Mu-Tron III by Musitronics Corp. first came out in 1972. Since 1996 the Q-Tron developed by Electro Harmonix has been the successor to the legacy which is the Mu-Tron. In early 1995 Mike Beigel was commissioned by Mike Mathews (owner of EHX) to reinvent the sound of Mu-Tron, today EHX still sells that sound as the Q-Tron.

Product Line

(Q-Tron, Q-Tron+, Micro Q-Tron, Sterio Polyphase, Bi-Filter, Enigma and Riddle)



1996 EHX Q-Tron

1998 EHX Q-Tron+

2000 EHX Mini Q-Tron

Click on the pictures below to see ads and reviews for the Q-Tron: "The Envelope, Please,"       reprinted from the March 1998 issue of Guitar World and "Get Down, Get Funky," reprinted          from the January 1998 issue of Guitar Shop.

(click each to enlarge)

Lastly in 2004 EHX released the highly anticipated studio quality Bi-Filter with roots deeply connected to that of the 1979 Beigel Sound Lab Envelope Controlled Filter.

1979 BSL Envelope Controlled Filter

2004 EHX Bi-Filter

Be sure to click the links to this products for more detailed information. Sound clips are available featuring the products and your favorite artists!

Original Authorized Musitronics Mu-Tron Repairs and Mods:

Please contact us at repairs@mu-tron.org for expert servicing, calibration and modification of original Mu-Tron products. Mike's service specialist has worked extensively with Mike Beigel on Mu-Tron servicing and restoration of the

Inventors Collection of Mu-Tron products and prototypes.

Power Supply Power Supply for Musitronics Mu-Tron III

This a power adapter that substitutes for the PS-1 power supply used with the Mu-Tron III. This little power supply gives the same operating voltage as the PS-1. The price for one of these power supplies is $49 US Dollars. Shipping and handling.

      contact : info@mu-tron.org

To contact us directly regarding repairs, mods, and the power supply,         

please e-mail us at: repairs @ mu-tron . org

Contact / E-Mail : info@mu-tron.org  
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